What Hotel Promoters Do

Hotel promoters is a hotel/accommodation management company promoting and responsible for boostment& revenue generation. We guide the hotelier in running and managing the property.

Hotel Promoters help you to manage & generate costumers, sales, management services, grow the business. India is undergoing its fastest technological transformation ever. Hotel industry is growing on a growth level with potential figure of 470% increase in online sales. We provide a platform for your business for the costumers having direct approach to internet.

Join us and receive a customised, one - on – one consultation with our accommodation digital experts to learn about proven online marketing strategies for your accommodation & hear about exclusive offering which can be tailored to your business’s advertising needs. This opportunity will only be available at hotelpromoters.com and to sweeten the deal, we will even throw in creative production for free.

We have 02 very Modules/solution for your accommodation

  • Cloud based Hotel Software
  • Management Solution

Cloud based Hotel Software

Cloud based web solution (hotel software) - Hotel promoters provide cloud based 360-degreehotel sales platform. We provide all in one software for hoteliers, our main web solution is below.

  • Channel Manager
  • Booking Engine/button
  • Mobile Website
  • Social Media
  • Facebook book now button
  • Reputation Manager

Channel Manager – Channel Manager is cloud based software can control your rooms, rates, availability, manage inventory & more from a single click. Managing & controlling all the distribution partners and OTAs.

Booking Engine/button - There is button path integrated directly on your website giving direct booking path to your customers. We will help you to get booked online and manage them from single operation. This will help you to control your rooms, rates, availability, manage inventory & more and this also connected with Channel Manager & your PMS.

Mobile Website - Hotelier have their website & spend lot of time & money on their SEO & SMO, run lot of ad campaigns for their website. But these websites are not mobile responsive/friendly or say mobile enabled.

In today’s worlds everyone is equipped with smartphones & internet packs. They do all there online booking through there smartphone in that condition a hotelier with website but not mobile friendly lose their business due to their website.

We understand they spent lot of time & money on their website and they don’t want to change their website but also want a solution for mobile. Then don’t worry we are for you with our mobile website. We make stand by mobile website & we integrate mobile website with your website. When a person opens your website on laptop or on desktop your old website will be open but when he will open on mobile than he redirects to your new mobile website.

Social Media - Social media promotion is the need for upliftment and branding. Every Hotel Promoters client has their core social media presence setup by our team. We make sure you are set up properly on:
Facebook (with a Facebook page for your property and our booking engine inserted).
TripAdvisor with a complete listing.
Google My Business with a verified account.
We also provide a dashboard with a Social Media tab where we give the latest tips on best practice and live links to both your TripAdvisor status and your Facebook account.

Facebook book now button - Our booking engine integrates on Face book page allows guests to search for availability for given dates, and then completes the whole booking process through your face book page

Management Solution

You have a property want to run it but unable to run it, not able to extract up to its potential and find lacking to go with the trend etc. We have a solution; we are your hands, will pick and take the owned property to its dreamed position.

Providing complete solution as required includes sales, operation and required designing of the place. The skilled hotel staff and qualified IT managers are capable to lift the property with extra ordinary experience in the field. Choose any one model predefined by us or we we will design a new which suits you and your property .

Our management layouts

  • Online Sales Agreement
  • Management Agreement
  • Franchised Agreement
  • Leased Agreement

Online Sales Agreement – This is for those who are capable of handling Reception, Handling staff, Guest services & all type operations, find himself lacking in Online sales is not able to create brand value of the property.

This module is designed keeping in mind these needs. In this module we take all the online sales & promotions of the property/ accommodation without creating any disturbance to the client direct to the property. We will be responsible for all the online promotional activities that is we work you rest.

We took the burden from your shoulder for which we need the complete online rights required for making agreements for promotions with Agencies & OTAS in India & abroad. All the agreements made will be direct reporting of the company.

Management Agreement - You own a property but facing lack of time and not able to handle the property in proper way. Busy schedule is not allowing passage for proper work stream. Don’t worry let us work for you on your condition we earn for you, work for you and give dedicated service to extract the maximum from your investment on small bite.

Share the earned profit with us which we will bring in for you. You are struggling for better sale and uplift meant of the property we are maestro to provide that.

We took the burden from your shoulder for which we need the complete online rights required for making agreements for promotions with Agencies & OTAS in India & abroad. All the agreements made will be direct reporting of the company.

Franchised Agreemnet - The big brand name will be provided further to choose be only name or with services inclusive. Though brand is only capable to provide boost sale & generate healthy revenue but going with all the service inclusive package guarantee sale and money generation.

Leased Agreement - Property will be leased by the owner on our name which will belong to our company for the said time period.