Channel Manager

The channel manager is a shared database where all OTAs pull from a pooled database of allotment. When a property has 10 rooms available for example, all 10 of these rooms would be input into the channel manager. All of the OTAs with which the property has established contracts can then pull allotment from this pooled database. This means that all channels have access to the same 10 rooms, and the rooms will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a huge advantage since there is no worry that all rooms get booked out of one OTA, while other rooms are sitting unbooked in another. Channel management saves time for reservation managers since all distribution websites (Agoda,, Expedia etc.) and your own property website are managed from one location. Our system helps accommodation providers improve their room occupancy and reduce the chances of overbooking.

We provide direct/indirect access 90+ Online Travel Agent (OTAs) channels.


Grow your Distribution

A huge number of travellers use OTAs to make their travel bookings, so working with them is key for your online sales strategy. OTAs are where a lot of travellers will come to learn of your existence in many cases and it is reported that as many as 57% of people who find you on an OTA will look for your website (where they may book direct). Nice. OTAs are particularly helpful in the quiet months to help fill your rooms, and generally speaking the more OTAs you list on the better. managing all these channels is best done using the Channel Manager. Our channel manager connects directly and indirectly to over 90 sales channels and more are being added every week.